New game! Santa's Cubes: Sleigh Bells Edition

Rotato Screenshot

Help out a yellow viking? Rotate the board to connect the blocks together and solve the puzzles. 50 levels to work through.

Endless mode available for those of you who just want to keep on playing.

It's simple mouse control for everything. Just click the arrows at the side of the board to rotate. Spin away!

Sky Bop Screenshot

Bop the birds

You only need the mouse and a good memory to win at Sky Bop. Watch and listen to the bird tune, then bop the birds out of the sky.

Levelling up adds one more bird each time.

Go as fast you can for bonus points.

Santa's Cubes Screenshot

Santa's presents have been infiltrated by devilish imps seeking to sabotage Christmas. Pop the cubes and save the festive season from going bad!

Simply use the mouse to click on matching blocks of two or more. Any remaining blocks turn to stone. If the screen fills with stone, the game ends.

Cleaner Screenshot

Jump around some in this cute platform game. Collect all the gold coins and mop to beat the level. Make it through the ten levels as fast as possible for the highest score.

Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Hit the spacebar to jump. The green baddies can be squished but avoid all the others.