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Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
Upstairs, downstairs, in his night gown.
Tapping at the windows, crying through the locks,
Are the children in their beds? It's past eight o'clock!

Ask Maria

Maria answers your letters in her peculiar style. She tackles various everyday topics including gardening, aliens, and hedgehogs.

Cat and Cow

cat and cow

A tantalizing excerpt of Cat and Cow's homevideo. We witness their spiky relationship through their own eyes. First Cow controls the camera, then passes it to Cat only to suffer the humiliation of being forced to dance.

You Can Cry


Cow cannot contain himself any longer. It's time to let it all out.



Bartholomew Tractor is a tad grumpy and we get to hear about it. He's been sitting there for five years, apparently.

Crater Dream

Rain Man is embroiled in a surreal adventure on his journey home. He meets Happy Girl and a Flog. There is a club scene with a fancy mirrorball.

Animations created by Alastair O'Shea.