Cleaner, A Platform Game

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The Greatest of All Time
No. Name Score Time
1 Yafte R 1477 2nd of Jan '17
2 Yafte R 1466 2nd of Jan '17
3 Yafte 1060 28th of Dec '16
4 marianne 528 21st of Jun '17
5 chbgfh 378 17th of Jan '17

Play Cleaner

Puzzle game: SwapPop

SwapPop screenshot

Try this cute puzzle game from Fatking Productions. Swap and pop the blocks before they reach the top.

Platform game: Cleaner2

Cleaner2 screenshot

Play Cleaner2, a new platform game. Once again, Cleaner must find his mops. Jump on heads! Collect coins and power-ups!


Wee Willie Winkie

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