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The Greatest of All Time
No. Name Score Time
1 cc 45880 15th of May '20
2 cc 45660 7th of Mar '20
3 arhitect 44140 3rd of Mar '20
4 arhitect 30190 3rd of Mar '20
5 arhitect 25790 3rd of Mar '20
6 PISTA 23080 7th of Apr '20

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Wee Willie Winkie

View the Fatking Productions animations. Watch grumpy cats, melancholy cows and twisted nursery rhymes.

Platform game: Cleaner2

Cleaner2 screenshot

Play Cleaner2, a new platform game. Once again, Cleaner must find his mops. Jump on heads! Collect coins and power-ups!

Platform game: Cleaner

Cleaner screenshot

Play the original Cleaner platform game. Avoid the baddies, collect all the coins and don't forget the mop!